About the Spring Holiday for Strings

The Spring Holiday for Strings has been running for about 50 years, in various locations and with different tutors, but in essentially the same format. It was founded by Leonard Davis, a professional viola player who was dedicated to encouraging amateur players to enjoy making music together.

The course provides an opportunity for string players to spend a few days playing chamber music (quartets, etc.) and string orchestra music, with professional coaching.  Unlike most string chamber music courses, you do not need to come as part of a pre-formed string quartet and you will make music with a variety of different people over the three days.  To enjoy the course you will need to have some previous experience of playing chamber music and be a reasonably competent sight-reader.  You should be able to hold your own part independently in a string quartet by eg. Mozart or Haydn.

The current tutors of the course are members of the Hammig Quartet, all experienced performers and teachers.

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